Press Release

International Media Firm Launches Literary Magazine for the New Reader

New Reader Media pilots quarterly art and literary journal inspiring the modern-day creative


NEW YORK, March 15, 2018. Out now from New Reader Media, a creative marketing and PR firm, is New Reader Magazine—a quarterly arts, literary, and cultural journal that covers fiction and non-fiction works, poetry, essays, and groundbreaking visuals.  It promises to be a magazine dedicated to promoting brave and underrepresented contemporary artists.


The team, spearheaded by Marie Dominique dela Paz as Editor-in-Chief, is committed in inspiring readers to open up to new expressions and way of thinking. They encourage both consumers and creators to pore through pages of original works intended to get them artistically stoked, hereby, mirroring and fueling their own creativity.


The first issue, themed “Multivision”, immerses new readers in the diverse perspectives of today’s emerging literary voices. The roster of featured poets, authors, illustrators, and photographers are a varied mix of multi-awarded artists and promising up-and-comers from all over the globe including Robert Okaji (Texas, USA), Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois (Colorado, USA), Lynn White (UK), R. Joseph Dazo (Cebu, Philippines), Richard King Perkins II (Illinois, USA), Heidi Morrell (Los Angeles, USA), Toti O' Brien (Ireland), Tiny Diapana (Cebu, Philippines), Brandon Marlon (Ottawa, Canada), Robert Guffey (Long Beach, USA), Greg Rushton (England), Don Mancha (California, USA), Deborah Guzzi (Connecticut, USA), M. Luke McDonell (San Francisco, USA), Lucía Orellana Damacela (Ecuador), Justin Price (Oregon, USA), Steve Carr (Virginia, USA), Sebastian Bennett (USA), Olga Zilberbourg (San Francisco, USA), Colin James (Massachusetts, USA), Charles Legett (Washington, USA), John Grey (Australia), Judy Shepps Battle (New Jersey, USA), R. Miller (Pennsylvania, USA), Steve Klepetar (Massachusetts, USA), Tony Koval (Alaska, USA), L. Ward Abel (Georgia, USA), Daniel L. Link (California, USA), Emily Leider (San Francisco, USA), John A. Karr (North Carolina), Bruce Douglas Reeves (California, USA), and Rob Hartzell (Ohio, USA). In-page artworks and cover page for this issue are solely done by Kring Demetrio of the thedrawerkring.coma self-taught illustrator and artist from the Philippines.


New Reader Media, operates globally with headquarters in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Philippines. It aims to bring together the arts, literature and culture of the world in easily accessible digital and printed medium. New Reader Magazine’s maiden issue, featuring eighteen stories and fifty-five poems, is available for download.


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