Astonishingly Bizarre Comic Book Creations


1.    Codpiece

After being told back in high school that he was not big enough, he developed a weaponized crotch gun which he used to rob banks. The girl in high school revealed that she never meant his package but his height. Even with this information, Codpiece understood her comments wrong and proceeded his life in crime out of spite. Guess he’s trying to compensate for his small... ego.

2.    Squirrel Girl 

One can figure out Squirrel Girl’s powers by reading her name. She’s a superhero who can do what a squirrel can do. She’s as nimble as them, can speak to them and has a bushy tail to match her abilities – but don’t let her quirky looks fool you. With her trusty squirrel sidekick, she has defeated several top tier Marvel characters such as the Mad Titan Thanos, Doctor Doom, and Wolverine! 

3.    Leather Boy

image While looking for an S&M fetish group, Gene Lorrene comes across a classified ad “seeking men and women of action” with “special talents.” Thinking that this is the group he is looking for, he shows up and discovers that it is a recruitment for a superhero group named the Great Lakes Avengers. Having no powers, he was quickly asked to leave.

He gained notoriety after killing Squirrel Girl's partner Monkey Joe after being frustrated at not being accepted by the team as a superhero. 

4.    Heavy Flo

image Many women dread that time of the month because of the pain and inconvenience it causes – but for Heavy Flo, it’s her greatest weapon. She is a super villain in the Savage Dragon comics that uses her period as a weapon, shooting jet streams of blood to her enemies. That’s one way of painting the town red. 




5.    Ten-Eyed Man 

image As the name implies, Philip Reardon, aka Ten-Eyed Man, has ten functional eyes – but they aren’t on his face. A bomb during a break-in at a warehouse that Reardon works as a security guard blinds him permanently. A doctor then reconnects his optic nerves to all ten of his fingers – allowing him to see more than the regular person. This sight amplifies his already impressive abilities as a former military man. He even was able to give Batman a hard time but was quickly shut down after the caped crusader figured out his quirky ability.








6.    Gin Genie

image Beckah Parker is a mutant who has the power to generate seismic vibrations but only under the influence of alcohol. The strength of the vibrations is proportionate to her blood alcohol level.  Even with this ability, her mutation hasn't made her immune to alcohol's effects. So to be effective in battles, she has to be a little drunk.

At first, this seems to be a manageable thing to activate her powers, but when she's drunk, she tends to direct her drunken rage at her team.


7.    Bouncing Boy

image In the 31st Century, a young boy named Charles Foster Taine accidentally mistaken an experimental super-plastic fluid for soda and consumed it while watching a sports event. This gave him the ability to transform his body into a giant ball. As funny as it seems, Taine in the comics is virtually invulnerable while in his ball form and can use this ability for quick escapes and even in battle. 



8.    Arm Fall Off Boy

image Dubbed as DC’s most ridiculous character creation for his insanely straightforward power – he can take his arms out and use it as a blunt weapon. Really?

He was reimagined as another character named Splitter who can detach his limbs at will – but had problems controlling it. Still a very weird character regardless.


9.    Kite Man

image Charles Brown Sr. is a super villain that uses (you’ve guessed it) kites to commit crimes in Gotham City. He has a wide array of unique kites for different missions like his jet kite for quick escapes, a net kite to trap enemies, and a flashbulb kite to blind multiple enemies. 

His use of different kites is only possible because of his impressive ability to maneuver them in the skies. Even Batman acknowledges his ability, calling him the better flier.


10.    Dogwelder

image He is a permanently mute and masked man with welding equipment who is perpetually compelled by an unknown force to weld dead dogs to people’s faces. When he died, he was succeeded by another Dogwelder who is possessed by the first’s equipment – becoming Dogwelder II.

It is explained on Dogwelder II’s lore that this impulse is a curse by Anubis and that he is part of a long line of Dogwelders. 


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