Smart Dogs Survival Mode, ON!


Many years ago,  all dogs were considered wild animals. Throughout time, most of them became domesticated. But this doesn’t mean that dogs became less of themselves. In fact the most tamed dog alive can easily switch back to being wild when their survival mode turns on. Although dogs are trained now, they still possess the skills that came from wild or natural instincts. 


Dog senses are the main reason why they can survive. Dogs have the most sensitive nose, they can smell us even we're 40 feet away, that's 40 times greater than ours! They can tell if someone threatening is near or if a person is untrustworthy. Dogs can smell the chemical reactions, they can smell the changes to the pheromones dangerous people are emitting, even before a threat is being made, or the person gets aggressive, the dog can already predict the danger before it happens.  With their noses, they can also smell the predators who are nearby, they can avoid possible predators with their sense of smell. 


Other than their super smell, dogs have super hearing also. Canines can hear frequencies to 60Hz, while human beings' limits are up to 20Hz only. With the dogs' abilities, they can sense changes like in the barometric pressure as a tornado is about to occur. 


Dogs' sense of sight is also greater than humans. Dogs have UV vision that allows them to see at night. This means that at night,  they can sense danger or predators coming their way and they can move out of their current location at night. 


Dogs can survive even without their masters. Dogs’ senses can help them survive the wild, with the great senses of hearing, smelling and sight, dogs can survive domesticated or not.