Extraordinary law enforcement heroes you probably should hear about


In our world, people can be generally classified as sheep and wolves. It is understood that the sheep never bring the ruckus and that they are the types to choose and appreciate peace above the commotion. They are not a threat to the community, unlike the wolves. The wolves target the sheep because they cannot defend themselves.

That’s where the sheepdogs come in. A “sheepdog” is a metaphor that describes someone who will do whatever it takes to fight evil as well as uphold the welfare and safety of the people. They are our cops, detectives, soldiers, highway patrols, and other different types of law enforcement. They could be vicious like the wolves, but they look after the innocent sheep.

Now, we will be tackling 4 sheepdogs that have greatly inspired me. It’s necessary to realize and honor these sheepdogs that did whatever they could in order to fight evil and injustice in their respective times.


Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves was an American sheepdog who was born into slavery in Crawford County, Arkansas in 1938. He eventually became the first black U.S. Deputy Marshal west of Mississippi River. He took the name of his owner, William Reeves, a politician and a farmer, and got his first name from his grandfather, Basse Washington.


During the American Civil War, Bass took refuge in the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) with the Seminole, Cherokee, and Creek Indians. This is where he practiced his firing and tracking skills, and learned the customs and languages of the natives.

Bass stayed in the Indian Territories until the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865. He moved to Van Buren, Arkansas, where he met Nellie Jennie, the mother of their children—five girls and five boys. 

Because of his extensive knowledge of the Indian Territory and his eloquence with several Indian languages, he was recruited as a deputy and ultimately worked for 32 years in law enforcement. While in service, he arrested over 3,000 felons, including his own son, for murder. He has only killed 14 criminals in acts of self-defense.


Eliot Ness

Born in Chicago, Illinois on April 19, 1903, Eliot Ness served his hometown as a federal law enforcement agent, fighting crime and corruption. He brought down 200 crooked cops and took 15 other officials on trial for criminal behavior. 

Ness and his team of officers, the Untouchables, brought Al Capone and his operations down during the Prohibition Era. Al Capone, the co-founder and boss of the Chicago Outfit, was one of the most notorious Mafiosi that ever lived. 


Ness refused any kind of bribery and died nearly penniless. At the time of his death in 1957, his contribution in taking down Al Capone was forgotten. Although a posthumous publication of the 1957 book, The Untouchables, has since brought back his courageous reputation to the public.


Melvin Purvis

Melvin Purvis was born in Timmonsville, South Carolina on October 24, 1903. He studied law and had a brief career as a lawyer. He ventured into law enforcement and joined the FBI in 1927. He excelled as a field agent and quickly climbed up the ranks. He led the manhunt of three notorious criminals: Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and John Dillinger.


Purvis has captured a great number of criminals which made him FBI’s golden boy, overshadowing his boss, J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover previously supported him but felt jealous with the attention Purvis was getting, especially when the bank robber, Dillinger, was killed. 

In 1935, Purvis resigned from the FBI and practiced law. During World War II, he served the United States Army as an intelligence officer and reached the rank of colonel continuing his service as a sheepdog.

Archangel Michael

Yes, you read this right. Archangel Michael was a huge inspiration growing up. He is considered to be one of God’s greatest warriors. He was responsible for leading God’s armies against Satan’s forces as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Michael was first seen as a healing angel that became the protector and leader of God’s army. He is often considered the “great captain” of God’s army. Archangel Michael is a sheepdog who sides with God but isn’t afraid to go into battle with Satan and his army of demons. He is called out in prayers as a protector against the devil. 

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