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Travis Pike

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Changeling’s Return

by Travis Pike

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Nature’s Silver Lining by Travis Pike

Nature’s Silver Lining

by Travis Pike

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By Kathleen M. Hamilton

In Terralepus, three old friends, Jackie, Jasmine, and Max, come back together for a journey to the next galaxy. As Jackie fulfills her dream to explore space, Max hopes to kindle his romance with Jackie, something he has wished for many years. The trio overcomes murderous monsters, unfriendly planets, and even survives a stint on planet Earth. Explore space, worlds, and friendship as the friends journey into the unknown.


June 2022 | Vol. 5 Issue 18

Convalescence deals with the time one has spent in recuperation. It eases the unpleasant experiences and allows the flesh to mend the wounds. A remarkable experience and a gradual reinforcement of the mind, body, and soul. New Reader Magazine continues the year 2022 with stories of hurting, healing, and recovery.

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