Jazzie , I first want to thank Christian for encouraging me to take that extra mile of faith in believing that my dreams were with NRM. It has been a pleasure working with Jazzie , The hard work she put in this treatment. She has went above, many long hours to make this treatment to be very successfully. She did an outstanding job and I am well pleased, I thank the Christian for my picture being in March magazine. This is the best company to get your book published and your screen play. I have good experience with them and will be continued having my books with them.I Thanks God for Christian and Jazzie Maye. Jazzie, you have my permission to website, Magazine and Social media all three if needed. Thanks so much and I pray God blessings on the company as well on you all. Thanks Tillie Hogans. True faith never says, I cannot but says I can with God help.

T. Hogans