Creating Tension

So you want to increase your reader’s engagement. Most of the time, that results from the story's tension and from the reader’s anticipation of change. There are ways to keep them flipping fr

Writing Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As the air is filled with budding and blooming romance, it’s the perfect time to talk about romance novels. It must be one of, if not the best-selling genres o

Gift for Valentines

Welcome to the month of February, the month of love and romance! It truly is a special month, not only for you and your partner, but also for your family and friends. ...

Weak Words

Hey! Still writing? If you are, then sooner or later, you’re bound to reach the editing phase. As much as we want to quickly finish the book, publish it, and then be happy, we can’t. Books ne

Don’t Be Afraid to Write

February’s just a week away, how’s the year so far for you? If you’re still trying to outline your novel or figuring out your characters, then you’re in for a treat. This week’s newsletter wi