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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As the air is filled with budding and blooming romance, it’s the perfect time to talk about romance novels. It must be one of, if not the best-selling genres of all time, and not just during the love month. Its large fan base just can’t seem to get enough of it, too. Have you ever wondered just what makes a romance novel? Well, it looks like you’re in for a treat!

The plot of these kinds of novels is usually centered around two individuals falling in love and/or struggling to make their relationship work. One of the reasons why its fan base is relatively huge and very popular among different age groups is that it lets its audience experience falling in love, whether for the first time or yet again, and all the emotions that encompass a relationship, without actually going through it themselves. That close relation to our human nature and life is probably why we love it.

Here are some cliché or obligatory scenes of a romance novel that you could add to your own writing:

Lovers Meet: Girl meets boy and boy meets girl. This scene almost always finds its way to every romance novel. In stories where the main characters already know each other, this is the part where they first appear in the same page or chapter.

The Confession Scene: When that thrilling scene where one of the characters finally decides to confess their feelings to the love of their life comes, we can’t stop reading! This part doesn’t always have to be outright “I love you”, but can be other things, like a build-up of scenes and dialogues, for example.

The First Kiss: This is the exciting “love-buggy” part of every novel. Most pre-teens—and frankly, even us adults—love this part! To the youngsters, it gives off the feeling of what a first kiss is like. To the adults, it’s nostalgic of all the butterflies in their stomach the first time they’ve kissed their crush or someone they liked.

Lovers Breakup: More often than not, we know where it all leads to: breakups. Anyone who has been in a relationship might have experienced a break-up or two in their life. In romance novels, this is where all the feelings start to pour out. Because of the attachment we have to the characters,we feel that familiar urge to explain to the character all the incidents that we know as the readers, that the other doesn’t.  We know that nothing happens when we shout it all to them, but we do anyways, because we feel all the emotions differently.

Lovers Reunite: You know what they say, “all's well that ends well.” Romance novels always aim to appeal to the emotions of the character that are reflective to those of the reader. Most of the time, authors would decide to give their characters a chance to reunite and understand the situation even better, for that highly-coveted happy-ever-after. Of course, there exist romance novels that still stick to the elusiveness of happy endings, but it’s always okay to root for those on the other side of the pages.

So these are some of the most common cliché romance scenes that we all love to read. Remember to give love a try in the real world, because it’s always exciting to experience love and all its ropes firsthand. Don’t forget to share the love today, and every day. Again, Happy Valentines Day!

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