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It’s the start of a new decade, and what better way to greet it than to look forward to more productive years to come? Today’s newsletter will be light, with a little refresher. Every writer has their own writing process but this is one that’s been proven to work in helping you be always on track. Read on for some ideas if you’re only starting out, for new additions to your existing routine, or if you’re in need of a major overhaul in your writing process.

Pre-Writing: Organize your topics. You may begin with a thought web or word list, or you can also brainstorm ideas and list them down. This is the time to decide on a purpose, an audience, a format and the tone you’d like the book to have.

Drafting: This is a rough copy of your idea. Write out the details relative to each idea; make improvements later.

Revise: Improve your writing and look for issues in your first draft. One good method is to revise your first draft with a partner, paying attention to vocabulary, content, and organization and the details that you need to change, move, add, or remove. A second set of eyes will provide you with fresh perspectives you could find useful for your output. You can also try out different beginnings and endings. Have fun with it!

Rewrite: Rewrite your draft, making sure to work on the errors identified in the revision stage. It’ll save you time to still be keen on the details during this stage.

Proofread: Proofread your second draft: correct conventions, spelling, grammar, punctuation and mechanical errors. Read it from cover to cover and this time, put yourself in the shoes of someone who’s reading the book for the first time.

Publish: Publish the completed story. Find a good publishing company that’s sure to reciprocate your vision and goals for the book. By this point, you’ll know the story a lot differently than when you first planned it, so this could be a good time to start thinking up a cover!

Advertise: Don’t let your masterpiece go to waste. Find a great platform to introduce your book to a big audience. The quality of your work should be translated into marketability. We can help you with that! Just send us a message or visit our website!

With all that said, just remember to take a break and don’t stress it up. Enjoy writing your book and it sure will reflect on every page. Have a great weekend, and an even better 2020!


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