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2020—a year full of possibilities. It’s the first in another series of ten and the best time to finally start working on that novel you’ve been wanting to write! In this week’s newsletter, we will give an overview of how to break down the tasks necessary and how long to work on them so you could finish your novel within the next few years, or the next few months. Get your pens ready!

Step 1: Start with a basic premise. Try setting a one-week time limit for this task, just to keep you moving and not stuck on this step.

Step 2: Create your story’s skeleton or outline and try finishing it for 2 weeks. Apply the common process of write-and-edit until you're satisfied. 

Step 3: Start working on creating your characters. Spending 2 weeks doing this should be enough, since the outline you already created gives you an idea of how the story flow would be and how your character should complement your plot. 

Steps 4 & 5: After all those, it’s time to throw in rising conflicts and flowing emotions and make sure to keep them well-balanced. One week of synopsis writing and three weeks of plot development should be good limits to set. Remember to develop a plot that makes sense and not keep it as is. Plot development is an ongoing process, so make sure to keep a stern eye on it. 

That’s just the basics for now. Tune in for our next newsletter to find out what other steps you can take when writing your first novel! Share these tips and tag us on Facebook @newreadermedia. Don’t forget to follow us! See you next week!

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