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Another write-tastical weekender!


Hey, everyone! It’s time for another write-tastical week-ender.

Writers draw inspiration from a lot of different things, and in return, formulate unique creative processes to create their stories. However, some find it hard since they have not yet discovered their own unique way of writing. This newsletter will help you create story ideas without much effort. 

Before starting your story, first make an outline of The Characters. Note down each race and/or species (like if it’s human, an animal, or an alien), the gender, and age. Also list up the marital status, family setup, and other circumstances your character might have had in the past. Basically, prepare a short outlined biography of your characters, then choose the name.

Identifying the Desire would help you know what drives your character’s motivation every day. It can be an active desire such as riding the bike around the city, or a more laid-back longing like wanting to be alone and staying in bed.

Choosing the Resistance literally means to add some spice into the story. It wouldn’t be very exciting if everything goes the character’s way, so try thinking up obstacles or hurdles for them to go over or resist.

Since the story is about your protagonist’s journey, make sure to Nail Down the Change factors, make the learned lessons apparent, and properly present that undeniable shift in perspective.

Pick Clenching Settings because this impacts the way the characters think, feel, and behave. Choose an exciting and interesting setting that will challenge your characters or highlight their journey.

Start writing down your preference for each of these steps and then create a flowchart of your character to easily visualize them. Get those imaginative gears going! Have a great weekend! 

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