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Work From Home and Stay Safe!

How’s it going, guys? We at New Reader Media hope you and your families are doing well amidst the current health issue we are facing. We cannot deny the significant impact this crisis has made on a global scale and on our own personal lives. In order for us to fight the spread of this new pandemic, COVID-19, we, as citizens, should be vigilant and follow self-imposed precautionary measures such as social distancing and, if possible, staying or working at home.  

A lot of us writers have always been writing in the comforts of our own home to bring about more inspiration and motivation in our works. Because it’s under different circumstances, however, it’s only understandable that you may be feeling anxious. If you are, here are some helpful suggestions to help you cope. 

Don’t Panic, Be Alert. This disease causes no symptoms and, according to studies, is mild in 81% of cases and most of those who’ve been infected are now cured. 

Limit News Intake. Panic can spread faster than the virus, so always be vigilant and seek information via authorized channels. Get the facts, not the rumors, and listen to public health experts.

Stay Home. Self-quarantine gives the virus less chances of spreading. Keeping your body healthy by boosting your immune system with healthy fluids and vitamins, and proper and frequent hand-washing can also help prevent it.

Stay In Touch. Find ways to connect with your friends and loved ones without physical contact, like through video chats, phone calls, texting, and emailing. Talk about how you feel with others so they can also express their feelings to you, and avoid panic attacks or anxious overthinking.

Remember to reach out for help and that scientists and health care experts are doing their best to help find the cure. The way we respond to this international crisis is important for our safety and others. Let us all hope this pandemic ends soon.

Have a great day at home and stay safe!

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