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Welcome to the month of February, the month of love and romance! It truly is a special month, not only for you and your partner, but also for your family and friends. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, we would like to share what we love with you—besides writing, of course!

This week, we’re listing down some things writers or book lovers would definitely love to have this Valentine’s Day. You can get these presents for your loved ones or even yourself!

Candles create romantic and relaxing moods around people, and who better need relaxation and break times than writers? If they’re scented, then that’s a definite plus!

Having breakfast in bed is great. Writing in bed? Now that’s a whole new level of amazing! A laptop bed tray is a very convenient way to do two of life’s best things together. It’s every writer’s dream to be able to type and write without leaving their bed. That would be paradise!

Journals! The easiest—and most obvious— gift you can give the beloved writer in your life for Valentines day. It’s very useful and thoughtful! You can add a twist by customizing the journal prior to gift-giving to make it feel more personal, like putting their initials on it. And since you’re at it, what about a personalized pen to go with the journal? That would be perfect!

If you find these options too easy or too far-fetched, you can never go wrong with giving them their favorite book! As sneakily as possible, find out what that would be. They’d love that (we know we would).

Finally, if you’ve already given all those and you’re simply thinking of a more fun yet personal gift for them, a cute and funny mug with writer humor would be great! Hint: look for a mug with the words “You’re my type” with a cute illustration of a typewriter (or have one custom-made). Pun intended!

Whatever gift you’ve thought of giving this Valentine’s Day, just remember to give love in any form on the day, and even before and after. It’s the thought that counts! Have a great shopping weekend! 

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