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February’s just a week away, how’s the year so far for you? If you’re still trying to outline your novel or figuring out your characters, then you’re in for a treat. This week’s newsletter will be all about how to write your characters’ backstory with 7 simple tips!

But before that—what is a backstory?

A backstory is the fictional history of your character. It will hold the reasons and explanations behind your character's desires, fears, and motivations. Read on to learn how to build convincing backstories.

Tip One: First, make an outline of the past events that will have shaped your characters and their fears, outlook, personas, goals, and desires.

Tip Two: Make sure to narrate the backstory well. Provide emotional experiences and other key details.

Tip Three: You don’t have to just narrate everything—and you shouldn’t! Dialogues and flashback scenes are great means to non-verbally introduce a character’s backstory. Be creative and think up other ways to present their background subtly yet effectively.

Tip Four: Keep it relevant. Ask yourself how a backstory element is relevant to the current situation. Cut off unnecessary details that wouldn’t really explain everything and only add unwanted clutter.

Tip Five: Don’t flood the reader with 10 pages of backstory. Make sure to cut the excess information and consider adding it in other parts of the story, where it fits.

Tip Six: Reveal the key drivers of the backstory to show what moves the characters emotionally and psychologically.

Tip Seven: Lastly, draw something from within you. Use your own experiences or of those you know so you understand your character’s desires more, and, in turn, write more powerful backstories.

There you have it for the tips on how to write your character’s backstory. We never run out of writing tips so make sure to subscribe and follow us on our social media sites! See the links below. 

Thank you for reading, now get to writing! Have a great weekend!

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