Revelation of our Kingdom Identity

Revelation of our Kingdom Identity


Tymesia Pope Butcher is no stranger to pain and brokenness; getting blessed and seeing others orchestrate her downfall.  She ventured in the limbo of self-doubt and disappointment until an eye-opening encounter with God where He called Butcher to embrace herself through His perspective, instead of the perspective of others who would deem her as insignificant, unfit, inadequate, and unqualified. The pastor/educator shares this realization with others as she releases her self-published book, Embracing Me.


Aimed to touch those who had allowed others’ opinions to trample on them, Embracing Me is written to encourage people to begin to see themselves through the lens of our Father and not through the perspective of others. Butcher calls on her readers to allow Embracing Me to fulfill its purpose of unlocking healing and deliverance, removing the blinders that have caused a skewed perspective of one’s identity, and walking in the dominion, power, and authority that has been destined for you.


Butcher recounts that when people begin to speak words about her that are contrary to how God sees her, she used to rehearse the falsities and believe them to be real, instead of embracing what God truly sees.


“So the Father was revealing at this juncture of my life that it was time to stop rehearsing the lies, which ultimately became my reality, and to begin to come into agreement with what He had spoken,” Butcher says.


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Embracing Me

by Tymesia Pope Butcher


Paperback: ASIN: ‎ B08WV8KN41

                ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8706690830

Kindle: ASIN: ‎ B08X1MRY8K


Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author:

Tymesia Butcher is a pastor, author, educator, teacher of the gospel, intercessor, mentor to many, prophetic praise, and worship psalmist and songwriter. She and her husband, Tony, founded Building Faith Christian Center in Gaston, NC in May of 2007. She has encountered many obstacles that have come to attempt to thwart her assignments, but God has graced her to endure. She absolutely loves leading God’s people into the presence of God. Empowering others to operate in their Kingdom-identity, power, and authority is one of her greatest passions.  

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