Nature’s Silver Lining by Travis Pike

Nature’s Silver Lining

by Travis Pike


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Mother Nature has provided us with the air we breathe, the food we eat, and basically everything we need to get by every day: shelter, transportation, clothing, among others. We continue to progress as a society, yet seldom consider the damage our “progress” may cause to our natural environment—the very thing that enables us to continue to exist.

Admit it, we need nature, but it doesn’t need us.

If you need any proof of how we become so dependent on technology, read on!

Communication used to be difficult, but technological advancement has made it possible to connect in just one click. Information and data have also been more accessible in the digital age.  Technology, thus, became a necessity, changing the dynamics of how we live and society as a whole.

Since the introduction of social media, users have been able to communicate with each other wherever part of the globe they are at, providing opportunities for long-distance relationships with thousands of people all over the world. More people use these platforms by the hour, sharing to the world their feelings, thoughts, achievements, et cetera.

Technology has also made groundbreaking progress in transportation. Two hundred years ago, who would have thought a metal bird can bring you across continents in a matter of hours?

But technology, like any other good thing, also comes with hefty a price to pay when we are unmindful in utilizing it.

Humans have discovered ways to enhance fruits, vegetables and grains to feed the growing human population worldwide, and when uninterrupted by  war or natural disasters), modern transportation makes it possible to sustain human life in some otherwise marginal regions, but as we continue to consume more of nature’s produce, food, fuel, and fresh water, nature’s balance has been eroded and climate change, some “natural” and some brought on by human exploitation and poor resource management, has led to global warming that in turn spawns natural disasters that have now brought humanity and innumerable other species sharing the planet on land, sea and sky to the brink of extinction–without taking into account the horror and destruction of war.

But we can do something to mitigate the toll that the tech age has brought to nature. Here are the solutions that can help the global crisis:

·        Save energy;

·        Save water by turning off faucets when not in use;

·        Sustainable transportation;

·        Waste management;

·        Animal conservations; and

·        Plant more trees.

While humanity is not to blame for volcanic eruptions or all the pollutants and disasters that devastate the planet, with concerted and resolute commitment, humans may able to able to find ways to mitigate the dreadful effects pollution on climate change, and by lending a helping hand, contribute to our own and our planet’s survival.

In Changeling’s Return: A Novel Approach to the Music,Morgen, a foundling who grew up to become Beantown Home Cookin’s lead singer and songwriter, now on the verge of rock ‘n’ roll stardom, after a successful, televised May Eve concert from a ruined English Abbey, their first stop on a European tour, skids into a ditch and becomes stranded in Morningstone, a plot of metaphysical real estate where Furies challenge him, Muses inspire him, and Fates still weave man’s destiny—and where song and chant are synonymous and Morgen, singer and songwriter, is considered an enchanter by definition, whose songs are spells, going ‘round and ‘round in one’s head, even when there is no music to be heard.

On trial within the Tomb of Every Hope, Morgen is confronted by the Furies, mythical guardians of nature whose plan to restore Nature is to destroy humankind with a plague specific to our race, that other creatures spare whose lives are lived obedient to Nature’s laws. The Muses plead with Morgen, as a sing-songwriter, to take up Nature’s cause.

The theme of Travis Pike’s informative, entertaining and provocative musical-fantasy adventure, Changeling’s Return, is that if we fail to protect and restore Nature’s balance, the human race will fall victim to the environment it will inherit through ignorance and disrespect, but suggests that if we work (in our own best interest), to restore Nature, there is still time to prevent an imminent and deserved extinction.

Earth is where we belong; it is our home. Proper environmental preservation will undoubtedly benefit the planet. We need to hope that it’s not too late to start respecting and restoring our relationship with Nature.  This hopeful novel and its music were both published before the current Covid pandemic revealed just how deadly and devastating a modern pandemic can be, and the strong suspicion that it was likely created in a modern research laboratory makes it even more abhorrent.  But with global warming, we must now consider the possibly of a deadly, hitherto unknown virus spreading from the carcasses of stricken creatures emerging from the thawing permafrost, an ancient virus that preceded humankind’s evolution, and to which we would have no natural immunity.


Beware the Furies!


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