Have you ever been to comic stores? Have you always wondered about the craze of the Marvel and DC movies?


Let’s go and delve into the world of comic books and explore the different superhero universes.


The two universes may both dwell in heroes but they are completely unique, making it second nature for the viewers, especially avid fans, to differentiate Marvel from DC even without seeing the logo.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe are the most popular films based on comic books. These American media franchises know no age, with fans ranging from toddlers to seniors. Over time, the heroes from both universes get more diverse than ever and more relatable by people from different parts of the globe.


They are just addicting! I mean, who does not want to be a hero?


Here are the reasons why you will love these Superhero Science Fiction movies:

• They’re both an escape from reality;

• It’s exciting;

• It reminds us that there’s still goodness in humanity;

• And it’s everything that our minds imagine.


Let’s start with Marvel Cinematic Universe!


If you have noticed, Marvel heroes always start with leading a normal life, with no hint of anything special, before finding out encountering events that make them the hero that they would be known for... These heroes struggle in trying to adapt to their new superpowers. Check out Doctor Strange when he discovered his “strange” (pun intended) but unique superpower then he to go a whole different place to train and experience hardships along the way? Or when Peter Parker got bitten by a spider which gave him spider-like senses and abilities, but still has to go to school and hide his identity as Spider-man.


You see, Marvel is not only about the serious part of the heroes in terms of showcasing their superhero acts and whatnot, but they also manage to insert a little humor into the scenes as possible, making every viewer enjoy the film.


On the other hand, DC Extended Universe always has a darker vibe when you watch its films, giving off a somewhat melancholic atmosphere that signals how DC creations portray a more serious narrative than those of Marvel’s.


Unlike the usual setup in Marvel, heroes created by DC tend to be born God-like, or have an inherited superpower. Take for instance Superman, who came from planet Krypton; Wonder Woman who was from Themyscira.


Don’t get us wrong, other DC heroes were born as “ordinary” humans, too, although they would grow up to be extraordinary people in skills, wealth, etc. Exhibit A, Batman. His arch-enemy, Joker, was also just a normal man until he turns out to be the villain that tormented young Bruce and many others.


With the invincible-like characters of the DC heroes, some could argue that they are less “humanized” or “relatable” compared to Marvel heroes.


Well, who doesn’t want to escape reality for a while? Fly like Super-man, save people in any part of the world (and at the same time you can travel for free)? How cool is that! Or be like Batman who definitely aces combat, plus he’s super rich (who could beat that?!)!


Whether Marvel or DC— (or both!)— pick your hero(s)!

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