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Knowing our Kingdom Identity is one thing, but EMBRACING our Kingdom identity can be quite a challenge.  As we explore the pages of scripture, we find countless affirmations and declarations that speak of who we are.  One scripture that comes to mind is I Peter 2:9 (NIV),“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nationGod’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”  We are “God’s special possession.” Isn’t it amazing to know that God sees us in this light?  Not only are we His special possession, but we are also God’s beautiful gems.  Oxford languages define gem as “a person or thing considered to be outstandingly good or special in some respect.” Also, Your Dictionary defines a gem as “a valuable stone or something highly valued.”  This is how God sees us, good, precious, and valuable.  

As “life” has happened, we have encountered a plethora of circumstances that have chipped away at the beautiful gems that we are.  These life circumstances have even tarnished and stained the gem, so that the true value is hidden. 

I remember my husband, Tony, and I preparing our rental property for our new tenant to move in.  As we were in the process of changing the floor vents, we noticed there were lots of coins that had fallen through the vent.  As we commenced retrieving the coins from the vent, we saw that the coins were absolutely filthy, and to be honest, I didn’t want to touch them.  As a matter of fact, my thought was to just toss them in the trash because of how tarnished and filthy they were.  My husband, on the other hand, was against throwing them away. 

A few weeks later, as I was spending time with God, I began to reflect on His love for me despite the many times I’ve failed Him and caused this gem to be tarnished by my sins.  As I considered His love for me, I began to speak of His goodness and to sob in adoration and admiration of His never-ending love.  At that moment, He reminded me of the coins Tony and I had previously retrieved.  He revealed to me that though the coins were filthy, the value was still there.  Its value was never diminished, but the filth hindered the specific coin from being seen and its value from being unearthed. 

Though my sins had tarnished the value of my worth (who God says I am.) they never diminished the value. He always sees us as we are (who we were created to be). He sees the finished product cleansed and polished.  

The more I spent time with God, my Father, the more He would cleanse this gem (as I permitted Him to), washing away and chipping away everything that would hinder my true worth and value from shining through.

A diamond unearthed is absolutely filthy, but no one would dare toss it aside simply because it’s covered in dirt.  We understand the value of a diamond and we understand that simply cleaning and polishing it exposes the value that lies beneath the dirt.   

Because I’ve permitted God to wash and cleanse me daily, and to polish me by removing any debris and residue of filth, the true value of my worth which was once hidden now shines through.

Even as God cleanses and washes us, there will still be those who will not value your worth, but there will be many who will.  It is time to let your worth shine through!  Permit the Father to do a deep cleanse and thorough polish in you.  Allow Him to unearth your true value.  Remember, there are many who are waiting for your true value to shine through!  It’s time to embrace your true value! It’s time to embrace your true worth!

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