It’s a cliché to call 2020 a strange year, but since most of us (if not all) have spent most of it at home, well, it was. The good thing is, we love strange things and we’re taking a look back at everything and everyone who were part of this historical year. Here’s a yearend review of New Reader Magazine’s 2020 publications.

Vision was the entire makeup of our 2020, but we feel it’s most important to thank the people who really inspired us—Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham. These psychologists created the Johari’s Window, a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. If you’re not familiar with this technique, we found an article that you might like and you can read it here.


Looking back, we thought January felt like the longest month—and we’re glad Ottilie [B] and Tyler Spangler there with us.

Ottilie [B] is a one-woman band: playing the accordion, guitar, and using loopers and her laptop in creating a sonic material where she lays her main instrument, her voice. "For me, every journey is a concrete way to approach a spiritual state of availability and creativity; putting myself at risk," she told New Reader Magazine in an interview.

Tyler Spangler gave us a glimpse of his world, too: "I really liked the ambiguity of abstract art. It definitely leaves more open to interpretation and also exhibits a unique view of the artist."

These featured artists, paired with our editors’ curation, made us see beyond what our eyes can perceive. We hoped (and still hope) to see a little piece of ourselves between the pages of the issue.

You can download a copy of 20/20 here, or read it on Issuu.


We originally imagined this issue to be even more magical and carnival-esque compared to all our past publications, but as we were mixing and putting everything together, we realized that the global experience we were having was stranger than fiction.

I was scared that I cannot express myself enough about how magnificent this curation turned out to be; like how reading Toti and Olesya’s conversation is like listening to your mother and your favorite aunt talking about how the most wonderful and worst parts of life help shape the colorful characters of individuals—especially to artists like them; or with DiLenge and Guffey reminding us that narrating stories based on our own experiences is a noble act, and it is our duty to share it to others; and the fact that Jaina Cipriano

and Ding Min both share the joy and satisfaction in building their worlds (both figuratively and literally), while exposing the vulnerable and painful experiences people sometimes choose to disregard about themselves or everybody around them.” – The Editor

You can download a copy of Houdini here, or read it on Issuu.

Hiding in Plain Sight

When we're all caught up with whatever is going on around us, we miss out on little details that matter, or maybe even become blinded by things that prevent us from seeing the bigger picture of a situation.

We had a fabulous chat with Karen Anderson-Singer, the amazing artist behind Tiny Doors ATL. Two bands— The Metro Fantastic and Intertwined —joined us this issue, and shared songs that would undoubtedly be part of our NRM playlist. With them, we were also showered with art pieces coming from different artists around the world. A big shout-out to everyone who were part of #AdoptmyArtwork.

You can download a copy of Hiding in Plain Sight here, or read it on Issuu.


This quarter, we felt honored to share the story Michael Lipsey—artist, poet, writer, aphorist, and our favorite stoic. "I don’t just believe that we can’t know everything—I almost believe that we can’t know anything, that there are eternal mysteries in every realm. How can we even attempt to speak of what we can never know? Nothing but miracles, all day, every day," Michael told us.

We also had the opportunity to talk to Daphne Laan, the Managing Director of Down to Earth Collective! DOWN to EARTH is more than a film. It is a call to action. Through their online film platform, they build a global movement to inspire and educate individuals and companies to ignite positive change through everyday action.

You can download a copy of Nameless here, or read it on Issuu.

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