Two married businesspeople, a recent hire, and a college intern were gathered in the lounge of the Greenworks Windows Inc. Boston office building, cheerily sipping coffee during their lunch break. “Why is it always us four?” Sherry Kite asked teasingly, for it was true that the four of them always seemed to congregate in this room, day after day. The routine had gone on for months, and for Sherry and her husband Herbert, it stretched back years—the two of them had met in this very room fifteen years prior and had now been happily married for thirteen of those years.

Griffin Young’s palms began sweating nervously, as they often did whenever Sherry directly or indirectly referenced his existence. Griffin was a business major at Boston College who had just completed a summer internship with the company. It was now October, but they’d liked him so much they’d offered him a part-time job, so he studied Monday through Thursday and worked Friday through Sunday. During the months he’d been there, he had developed a persistent and unfortunate crush on Sherry.

Jenny Simpson shrugged. “I like hanging out with you guys. And thanks so much Herbert and Sherry for showing me the ropes.” She chugged down the last gulp of her coffee and tossed the cup into a nearby trash can. “I think I’m really getting the hang of working here now.” Jenny was a recent graduate of Harvard who had been officially hired in July.

“Why don’t we all go out to the Red Sox game tonight?” Herbert suggested. “I want to get to know you guys better.”

“Oh come on, honey, we have a nine-year-old and a four-year-old and no time to call a babysitter.”

“I’m sure Olga and Henry can handle themselves fine. We’ve left them alone before.”

“But never for more than an hour at a time…”

“Come on, Sherry; I’ve already bought the tickets.”

“I love the Sox,” Griffin put in.

“I’m not a big fan of sports,” Jenny admitted, “but I’d like to go.”

Herbert grinned. “It’s settled then. We meet at Fenway Park at 7:00 pm.”

“I’m really not sure about this.”

“Oh, Sherry. What’s the worst that could happen?”

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