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Things can go wrong.

Even though we’re unique in our own little ways, there’s always one undeniable thing every human being has in common: we can’t stop worrying about what lies before us and we keep feeling guilty about what we left behind. One of the vital practices the great Stoics have passed on from generation to generation is learning to accept the course of things we can’t control. Right now the world seems to be paranoid over a lot of things, and debates about what’s right and who’s wrong are unending. People demand the same thing: the greater good for mankind. Yet here we are still in chaos.

Although, behind this mayhem there are other little things happening, like joy or solidarity, or even love. Sometimes we forget these things exist because we get caught up in our problems. When we feel like the world is falling apart, our wild imagination overpowers what we’re supposed to do in the present moment. Photographer Justin Rosenberg reminded me of this little dilemma we face every day. In his works of portraits and landscapes, he instills, in his words, the hope in the struggle.

From misty backdrops to lonely corners of a room—each photograph depicts how we can feel a multitude of positive and negative emotions at the same time.

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