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Author explains energy release work in revolutionary work.

Raven Shamballa, a formerly licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has long looked to meditation, mindfulness, and energy-healing as techniques to heal psychological issues. Having woken up to being a full-blown psychic after her pituitary gland was physically adjusted during a 2014 surgery, she was soon inspired to share what she has learned as a direct channel of the heavenly realms.

100 Chakra System: Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work is a spiritual work where Shamballa introduces the concept that humans have 100 chakras and offers a detailed explanation of the 7 Primary Chakras, the Higher Chakras, and the Ascending Chakras. She also discusses energy healing basics, describes the anatomies of the energy and the soulful bodies, and explains the difference between the two.

When asked about her main message, Shamballa says it’s “that energy-clearing and balancing the chakra system can assist with emotional balance and psychological healing.” Ultimately, 100 Chakra System: Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work is a representation of the information she has gathered after years of working as a psychotherapist and energy healer, and is apt for readers interested in New Age and Metaphysical topics, and those fascinated by mediumship, ghost, and life after death, among others.

To learn more about Raven Shamballa and her book, 100 Chakra System: Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work, you can visit her website at . She is also on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


100 Chakra System: Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work By: Raven Shamballa

Paperback ISBN-10: 1982216409
  ISBN-13: 978-1982216405
Kindle ASIN: B082LTY41B

About the Author

In 2014, Raven Shamballa awoke from an operation to find she was a full blown psychic. Raven was told under anesthesia, she went to the Light Realms and it was decided by her Counsel of Masters to wake her up so she could develop a new system of energy healing called Negative Energy Release Work and create this book defining the 100 Chakras. Raven grew up as Monica Kelly in Clovis, CA, and now lives in Oceanside, CA, where she works as an energy healer, psychic and psychotherapist. She continues to write books, lead meditation and expand the content of this work on-line.