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Packed with action, romance, tension between friends, and harrowing adventure, Evelyn Chedekel's debut novel, Nightbreak, is a dystopian experience not every young adult can easily resist.

Nightbreak follows two heroines, Vanessa Riley and Gloria Rodrigues, as they navigate a future world governed by vicious tyrant Adrianne Madden. After both the girls’ families were taken by Madden’s soldiers, all they have is each other. The novel brilliantly tells of how the two endeavor to overcome the differences that will ultimately test their friendship, its narration alternating between the two protagonists.

Evelyn Chedekel, (also known as Lady Evelyn,) says the book was many years in the making, with her juggling school, thesis, college applications, and all the editing she had to do after finishing it. “To be perfectly honest, that part of the process was agonizing and totally overwhelming,” Lady Evelyn confesses. However, with the help of her journalist mother, Lisa Chedekel, she was able to complete her first novel.

A reader might note that Nightbreak does not contain the commonly expected dedication, acknowledgment, and About the Author pages. “I don’t think those sentiments belong in the book itself,” Lady Evelyn clarifies when explaining this choice. “If one is grateful to their colleagues, friends, and publishers for the help put into bringing the book together, I believe the author should just reach out to each of those people and offer thanks that way.” This decision to omit these commonly included pages was also inspired by a book Lady Evelyn read in middle school; Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. “I remember reading the final page,” Lady Evelyn recounts, “and then turning it to find nothing but the back cover of the book. The experience of that was phenomenal … that’s the sort of ending experience I wanted to offer to my readers. For that reason, there are no acknowledgements, ads, or about-the-author pages gumming up the back of the book. There is the story, and then there is nothing. That’s the way I like it.”

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Nightbreak: By Evelyn Chedekel

Paperback ISBN-10: 148095893X
  ISBN-13: 978-1480958937
Kindle ASIN: B07LCT563X

About the Author

Evelyn Chedekel has a wide array of passions and obsessions, including—but not limited to—trapeze, manga, pretty skirts and dresses, nature, romance, steampunk accessories, anime, ancient dialects & foreign languages, martial arts, chivalry, travel, science-fiction and fantasy cartoons, and fiction novels of basically every kind, as long as they don’t get too dark and have enough humor, romance, and adventure to keep things interesting! She believes that stories are life, and that just because something is fictional, that doesn’t mean it’s not real.