Save a Space in Your Bookshelf for This Thrilling Novel
Musician pens frightening combination of mystery and music.

Professional singer and conductor Elizabeth Muir-Lewis has also been writing most her life. From one of her many poems, a story was born and masterfully developed. After two years of on and off writing, what was once a simplistic piece of poetry ultimately turned into a surprisingly gripping mixture of murder, terror, and music.

Bye-Bye Baby on the Treetops follows the life of Jean, a professional musician, as she is stalked by a mad man from her past. This man, who was made violent by unfortunate events in his childhood, pursues Jean into various parts of the world, with a sinister intention. The story is filled with spine-tingling action, and made complete by a romantic break.

Muir-Lewis wishes to convey a message compassion and acceptance. “Forgiveness and trying to understand the mind of a madman [are the book’s moral lessons].” As for her talent in writing, she says it happened naturally. “I didn’t decide to become a writer, it chose me I suppose.”

Mystery and thriller fans definitely shouldn’t miss this page-turner.


Bye-Bye Baby on the Treetops By Elizabeth Muir-Lewis

Paperback ISBN-10: 1728388600
  ISBN-13: 978-1728388601
Kindle ASIN: B07W39M1BV

About the Author

Elizabeth is a professional musician, teacher, and entrepreneur, singer, pianist, and conductor. As a professional singer she has sung in America (Carnegie Hall, Chicago Symphony, Washington Symphony, Boston Opera), many European Festivals, Glyndebourne Opera, BBC etc. Upon retiring from singing, she conducted the Eastbourne Choral Society, taking them on three European tours. She has been writing all her life, and has articles and poems printed. She has written more than one book, with a fictional life of Hildergaard Von Bingen underway.