Book on Justice Explains Why and How It Must Be Upheld

After retiring from the Justice Department, Terry Lord received plenty of encouragement to write about his exceptional experiences while working in the government. Having worked as a prosecutor and as an administrator of national criminal initiatives and international justice reform, he definitely had a lot to tell

And Justice for All: Life as a Federal Prosecutor Upholding the Rule of Law details Lord’s career from courtroom prosecutor and director of nationwide criminal law initiatives to international criminal law advisor and diplomat, all while staying true and committed to the Rule of Law and his belief that it requires nothing less than the participation and support of all members of society—not just those sworn to uphold it. In this wide-ranging book that only took Lord two years to write, he describes how organized crime is built upon the corruption of public officials and law enforcement. “Corruption at the highest level promotes lawlessness and destroys the rule of law. Now, we must combat corruption on an international level; law enforcement must adapt its investigative methods to the intricacies of transnational criminal activity if we are to promote the rule of law.”

Lord’s greatest inspiration for such a high level of loyalty in his work, and ultimately for writing the book, came from his father, who instilled in him values of integrity and equal justice. “I saw his devotion to public service, to do his very best to help his community, and to make sure law enforcement was free of corruption,” Lord recounts. “When it came time for me to write my memoir, I reflected on his life.”

This memoir is not your typical tell-all—it’s a treat for those who wish nothing but the best for the country, from someone who’s helped worked towards it.


And Justice for All: Life as a Federal Prosecutor Upholding the Rule of Law By Terry Lord

Paperback ISBN-10:1646104633
Kindle ASIN: B085BFPSJ1

About the Author

Terry Lord became a writer after friends and family encouraged him to write a memoir. He took a writing course at Rice University Continuing Education, which became a source of learning that furthered his journey towards the completion of his book. Lord enjoys reading history and historical novels. He loves the outdoors, especially his ranch near Bryan, Texas, where he walks the pastures and fishes in the ponds. For physical fitness, he works out at his club and plays tennis two or three times a week. He resides in Houston, Texas.