Nigeria: Resting Upon a Knife's Edge
A Failed State? Profound Treatise On A Crippled Giant


Inspired by the situation in Nigeria since its Independence, Robert Nwadiaru writes a book about a very thought of description of Nigeria’s ups and downs. A book filled with facts and insights about the country. This book is perfect for people interested in business and in how the government works in Nigeria. Nwardiaru represents his home nation and the political troubles that he himself observed. This book will take you to the social and economic challenges the country is faces or is still facing.



“It was interesting read about Nigeria. Book discovery all aspect country life: history, economics, political situation, nature, food security and implemented of reforms. Information is good structured and it easy to read.”





ISBN-10: 1684015766
ISBN-13: 978-1684015764
Available in Paperback and Kindle version.


About the Author

Robert Nwadiaru is a Nigerian writer. He was a former Religious Brother. He is also a motivational speaker and a university teacher. Nwadiaru has already published articles for the past twenty-five years in different places. He is a member of Tate Speakers Bureau. He jointly managed a public relations agency with his cousin in Lagos, Nigeria.

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