Doctor Strange transverses through a series of kaleidoscopic worlds


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Sam Raimi woos fans as he delivers one of the most anticipated MCU films of the year, the sequel of Doctor Strange, portrayed in a kaleidoscopic sequence of distinct universes. The multiverse concept was introduced in the Loki series revealing the existence of an infinite number of timelines and universes followed by Spider-Man: No Way Home and unleashed an irrevocable event that completely changes MCU’s single timeline, with the clash of multitudinous characters and constant cameos for the upcoming Marvel movies which keeps the audience in awe as it unravels the impossible wonders of its complex universe, or universes.


Before getting into the Strange world, this serves as a friendly reminder that the content below contains SPOILERS!


Set in a time after Peter Parker’s bizarre phenomenon, Doctor Strange, along with Wong, the sorcerer supreme, gets entangled in another multiversal chaos upon meeting the young America Chavez, who possesses the ability to smash open star-shaped portals that allows the transversal to multiverses. The pompous sorcerer seeks for guidance regarding multiverses with Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch; the appalling revelation depicted in the finale of WandaVision. The meeting of the powerful sorcerers reveals Wanda’s interest in America’s rare ability, which makes the sorceress pursue America in hopes of changing her tragic reality to a world that offers unity with her magically fabricated children. Elizabeth Olsen does an outstanding performance as she portrays the dichotomy of her disoriented character, arousing the audience to question the avenger’s morality and her willingness to manipulate actuality to recapture her lost. As the protagonists travel through alternate realities, Doctor Strange stumbles upon several counterparts of himself, with each persona masterfully portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Rachel McAdams reprises the role of Christine Palmer, Strange’s love interest, and plays a major key part in the maze-like plot with a superb performance parallel to the other central characters.


A remarkable feature of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, are the producers that have stepped up and placed their A game with the production’s inventive visual effects illustrated in scenes wherein Strange and Chavez’s hallucinogenic transversal through multiple dimensions that features unthinkable architecture, spatial colors, and psychedelic patterns — the whole enchilada of a Doctor Strange film, are notably Oscar worthy. The LGBTQ community gives its praises as Xóchitl Gomez, pronounced as “So-Chee”, represents Marvel’s first Latinx queer character, a gateway of possibilities for future superheroes that depicts diversity in the MCU.


The film marks Raimi’s return to the Marvel production, as the director of the beloved Spider-Man trilogy that stars Tobey Maguire, with his expertise in the horror genre portrayed in his Evil Dead series and The Unholy film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a genuine work of Raimi, as it showcases a modest tone of a horror flick that shakes up the Marvel formulaic, making it imaginative and surprisingly enlivening.

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