Chasing Butterflies in the Days of War

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan is a Pakistani-Canadian writer. His short stories are well recognized internationally for his unique prose style, and really naive innocence of rural life of Asia. En

Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

The College Man

Ciaran J. McLarnon is a writer from Northern Ireland. He lives in Ballymena, a town close to the North-East coast. He has written on many subjects, and is currently interested in Dark and Per

Ciaran McLarnon

The Worst That Could Happen

Hannah Smart is a recent graduate of Middlebury College, and she writes both fiction and nonfiction. Her nonfiction has been published in Vocal’s affiliated magazines, and she has had her fic

Hannah Smart


Avital Balwit is a Portlander currently living on the East Coast. She studies political and social thought and cognitive science at the University of Virginia. In her spare time, she practice

Avital Balwit

The Birthday Boy

Raymund P. Reyes currently lives in Ottawa, Canada. His fiction and poetry have been published in Your Impossible Voice, Dappled Things, Carbon Culture Review, The Transnational, and in vario

Raymund P. Reyes