The Loud Scream

Scavenging in a heap of garbage of Tondo, Manila, Jose hears a shot and a loud scream. He runs home and learns that the police are implementing Operation Tokhang, the drive to eliminate drug

Maria Victoria Beltran

Every Man Walks About as a Phantom (Mullet)

When Silas Bailey is asked to be the driver for a local Bible college's evangelism team, he is surprised that one of the students, a missionary kid named Aishwarya McClelland, triggers a pain

Matt W. Cook


Eight-year-old Lydia and her family move to Atlanta from cross the country. There, they meet Isaac, a 40-something neighbor who befriends Lydia and her younger brother, Miles.


The View Inside

José Sotolongo was born in Cuba. His fiction and poetry have appeared in several publications, including The Peacock Journal, Atticus Review, Bloody Key Society, Opossum, and Love Like Salt (

José Sotolongo

Slim’s Special Girl

Tawni Waters’ debut novel, Beauty of the Broken, was released by Simon Pulse three years ago. It won the International Literacy Association’s Award for Young Adult Literature. Her first poetr

Tawni Waters