A Second Chance: Benefits of Mountain Trekking After A Heart Bypass Surgery

You may have seen or heard a few somewhere, but you might want to read this before your next mountain trekking plans. You will thank me later!

Be In Control: 7 Tips For Overcoming Addiction

Are your bad habits getting the way of your everyday life? Don't worry! We'll be tackling 7 useful tips for overcoming addiction before it's too late.

My Top 5 Tried-and-True Advice from Elders

Save yourself years of setbacks and set yourself up for a better future. These are the top 5 most useful advice I’ve learned from my elders.


It’s not surprising to know that it’s very difficult to break free from Earth’s gravitational pull. The next time a shuttle launch happens, take a look at the massive rockets that launch the

4 Famous Sheepdogs That Will Inspire You

We sometimes take our law enforcement for granted. Let's take a look at 4 of the most inspiring sheepdogs that uphold peace and harmony in the community.

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