From Novel to Screenplay Adaptation: Top Reasons Why You Probably Should Do It

There are novels that are so good and remarkable that they can haunt or excite readers to the point of wanting more.

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The Top 5 CEOs in the World: What makes them special?

You’ve really got to have the leadership skills and business know-how to be a successful CEO. Let’s look at a list of the top 5 CEOs today.

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Top 5 Charismatic Personalities with Effective Communication Skills

Having trouble with your communication skills? Let's take a look at today's top charismatic personalities and learn from their interactions.

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An Eye for an Eye: Top 5 Most Satisfying Revenge Movies

Revenge movies offer a satisfying feeling in those times when we were wronged. Now, let's take a look at the top 5 most satisfying revenge movies we love.

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Watch Out: Top 5 Signs It’s A Publishing Scam

Are you a self-published author who recently got a call from a "marketing expert"? It's tricky, but we'll help you break down these publishing scams.

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